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Safe and Reliable Windshield Repair Calgary

At Super Auto Glass, we can replace any glass area of your vehicle. Whether your windshield has been damaged due to a flying rock or your side windows have been shattered from a break-in or fly ball from the children, we have the experience and skills to get the job done right. Our windshield repair services will leave your vehicle looking as good as new. Our team understands that broken windows lead to unsafe driving conditions and leave your car vulnerable to theft, which is why we work hard to get the repairs completed quickly and efficiently with our mobile windshield replacement service.

When is it the right time for your windshield repair?

Your windshield is the most important glass component of your car. Giving you a clear view of your surroundings while still protecting you from other elements, including the event of an accident. Even the smallest chips or cracks can impair your view and compromise the structure of your windshield and put your safety at risk. Come to us for rock chips and any windshield repairs as well as total windshield replacements. We offer same day service with no appointments necessary to fix chips in your windshield. Call us at any time and we will get to your location as soon as possible.

image windshield repair windshield


The windshield is the most important glass component of your car, giving you a clear view of your surroundings while still protecting your from the elements and in the event of an accident. Even the smallest chip or crack can impair your view and compromise the structure of your windshield. Come to us for rock chip and crack repairs as well as total windshield replacements.

image windshield repair sunroof


Sunroofs give us a beautiful and picturesque view of the world around us. Not to mention they let an additional sunlight and provide ventilation on hot days. Don’t let a damaged sunroof get in the way of enjoying all the world has to offer. We offer a sunroof replacement service to give you your view back.

image windshield repair door glass

Door glass

Whether from an attempted break in or a rowdy game of ball in the front yard, broken door glass on your vehicle is never a good thing. Without the protection of this glass, you are left vulnerable to the weather and your car and belongings are at risk for theft. We’ll get your glass replaced quickly to protect you and your vehicle.

image windshield repair back glass

Back glass

Nowadays, back glass in your vehicle is more than just a solid piece of glass to help visibility. Many vehicles come with power sliding back glass that moves up and down just as your side windows. No matter the type of glass in the rear of your vehicle, we are able to replace it if cracked or broken.

image windshield repair quarter glass

Quarter glass

This small piece of glass near the rear of your vehicle can often be overlooked, but it gives your passengers more light and a better view during your trip. We can easily replace this auto glass if it becomes damaged.

image windshield repair vent glass

Vent glass

On some vehicles, this small piece of glass is able to open, allowing for ventilation of the car and providing you with fresh air. Our team of expert technicians will replace this glass if it is damaged or becomes worn out and cracked.

image windshield repair side mirror

Side mirrors

Your side mirrors are an important safety feature of your car, allowing a view of the roadway behind you. When these become damaged, it greatly hinders your ability to drive safely and confidently. Super Auto Glass can replace the side mirrors giving you full visibility again.

image windshield repair recreational vehicle glass

Recreational Vehicle Glass

We can fix cracks and chips in your RV's windshield , side mirrors, and large side windows. Be safe and ready for your next holiday adventure — get that glass fixed today!

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Do you have a rock chip that needs to be repaired? Has an unfortunate accident left you with smashed door glass? If so, then you need our help. Don’t wait any longer and allow the damage to get worse. Call Super Auto Glass in Calgary today to set up an appointment for your repairs.