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Super Auto Glass is proud to provide windshield replacement, windshield repair, auto glass crack repair, mobile windshield services, RV windshield replacement, and sunroof replacement in Calgary.

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Our windshield replacement also come with a one-year warranty. With more than 10 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that our glass repair services come with quality workmanship and care

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Are you facing a damaged windshield from rocks or debris in Calgary? Looking for an affordable windshield replacement that does not skimp on quality? Super Auto Glass is here to take care of all of your auto glass replacement and repair, including side window replacement and windshield replacement in Calgary. Get your broken car window quickly with Super Auto Glass. With 10+ years of experience, our skilled technicians can handle any task that comes our way. We can assess whether a windshield repair or replacement is the right solution for you. We understand the urgency of vehicle maintenance, so we work swiftly to minimize waiting times for your automotive glass replacement and repair. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to keeping your windshield free of chips and cracks.

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Auto Glass Replacements

When your windshield is beyond repair, a full auto glass replacement is the best option. We provide elite windshield replacements services, guaranteeing a perfect, seamless fit. We use high-quality replacements glass that meets or exceeds OEM expectations. All of our technicians are trained to handle the intricacies of car windshield replacements, and in most cases, we can complete the job within an hour.

  • OEM quality glass
  • Perfect fit guaranteed
  • Quick turnaround
  • Mobile service available

Windshield Chip Repair

Even the most minor windshield cracks can spread over time, but our Calgary windshield repair service can prevent minor damage from escalating into larger issues. It’s always a good idea to repair windshield cracks as ASAP. In most cases, windshield crack repairs can be completed in around 30 minutes. Do yourself a favour and reach out to Super Auto Glass for car glass repair next time you get a small chip or dent in your windshield.

  • Ensure safety
  • Improve visibility
  • Avoid costly fines
  • Prevent future damage
  • Save on the cost of a windshield replacement

Rock Chip Repair

Rock chip repair in Calgary is a fast and easy way to get your auto glass looking good as new. It can help extend the life of your windshield and prevent small chips from spreading into large cracks. Chip repair is performed by injecting a special resin into the chip. The resin is cured under a UV light and when complete, the chip is virtually undetectable and the repair is long-lasting. These repairs can typically be completed in less than 30 minutes. Don’t wait until the rock chip gets worse. Our chip repairs offer several advantages over a full windshield replacement, including:

  • Take less than 30 minutes
  • Costs less than a windshield replacement
  • Prevents cracks from spreading
  • Restores structural integrity of the glass




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Do you have a rock chip that needs to be repaired? Has an unfortunate accident left you with smashed door glass? Does your RV windshield need to be replaced? If so, then you need our help. Don’t wait any longer and allow the damage to get worse. Call Super Auto Glass in Calgary today.

Brooke Martine
Brooke Martine
I had an appointment booked within an hour of inquiring, had my service done within two days and couldn't have been happier! Fast, friendly and they came right to my work!
Surendar Jaggumantri
Surendar Jaggumantri
Excellent service and economical pricing
Kade Van Reenen
Kade Van Reenen
Swapped out our windshield at our location in 20 minutes! Everything was hassle free and the work was well done. Highly recommended!
David Provost
David Provost
I would recommend Super Auto Glass to everyone. I'm from Thunder Bay, Ontario. They are very helpful, rushed me in ro get the job done and did a great job. Thanks again Steven.
Jordan Flamand
Jordan Flamand
Wow they just came to my house did a wicked job only took 10 mins 👌 looks beautiful
Rhonda Wheeler
Rhonda Wheeler
Super fast friendly and affordable Thank you
Great service!
David Williams
David Williams
Got me in quick for fair price

How to Know When You Need a
Repair or Replacement

A damaged windshield can mean many things. From hairline fractures to giant cracks, crack windshield repair fixes can range from simple fillings to fix windshield crack to an entire replacement. If you’re not sure which service you need, the rule of thumb is that chips smaller than a quarter and cracks less than three inches can be repaired, while anything larger may require a full replacement. We take special consideration for any damage that is in the driver’s line of sight. Our experts can assess your vehicle and provide the necessary service to get you safely back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

indshield repair typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour, while a full replacement usually takes 1 to 2 hours. The exact time can vary based on factors such as the type of vehicle, the complexity of the damage, and the curing time for adhesives used.

Many insurance policies include coverage for windshield repair and replacement, often with no deductible. This is commonly referred to as “comprehensive coverage” or “glass coverage.” It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your coverage and any potential costs.

In most cases, it’s recommended to wait for a certain period after a windshield replacement before driving the vehicle. This allows the adhesive used to bond the windshield to cure properly. Your technician will provide you with specific guidelines.

We utilize advanced resin technology to repair windshields. Once cured, the crack or chip is undetectable. In some cases, a small mark or distortion may be visible when viewed up close, but the main goal is to prevent the damage from spreading.