Car Back Glass Replacement in Calgary

From Calgary to Airdrie, Cochrane to Strathmore and anywhere in between, we’ll come to you for your auto glass repair or car back glass replacement!

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Car Back Glass Replacement in Calgary

If you’re looking for car back glass replacement, we are here for you. At Super Auto Glass, our repairs include front windshield replacements, side windows, side mirrors, and rear windows. 

Rear windows are tempered glass that will shatter when broken. It’s different from the front windshield which is made of laminated glass. Professional auto glass services will replace the glass and discard the broken pieces.

The Difference Between Front vs Rear Windshield Replacement

Car back glass replacement is different from the front windshield because the rear mirror has a grid line that dissolves ice and fog in cold temperatures. These thin wires that run parallel across the windshield are essential when replacing the glass. Super Auto Glass technicians can install a new rear window and test the heat conductors to ensure they work.

When you choose Super Auto Glass, we’ll make sure to:

  • Thoroughly clean the interior of your vehicle
  • Maintain your car’s structural integrity 
  • Deliver car back glass replacement with precision and accuracy
  • Do it as quickly and efficiently as possible and get you back on the road!

Why Super Auto Glass for Car Back Window Replacement?

Our technicians are specifically trained and experienced in auto glass repair and replacement. Because of our expertise, we’ll do this quicker than most auto shops in Calgary. You can be confident that your auto glass repair or replacement is done correctly. 

You’ll need a rear car back glass replacement if:

  • The glass has small chips or cracks that are continually spreading
  • Rocks and other debris have damaged or shattered the glass
  • You’re involved in a car accident that has damaged the rear windshield – no matter how minor
  • Leaks around the perimeter of the glass, an indicator of a poor seal

Your vehicle’s rear windshield is a vital function of your vehicle. Damages to them should not be ignored if it needs servicing as they can shatter while driving. Broken auto glass compromises your safety on the road.

Get a free quote from us today on your car back glass replacement – We service auto glass for all vehicle makes and models.

Other Services We Offer

Your windshield is an essential protective component in any vehicle, making its maintenance and upkeep especially vital after your windshield has endured enough damage that its cracks begin to exacerbate and become a liability. 

Asides from car back glass replacement, Super Auto Glass provides Front Windshield Replacement, Sunroof Replacement, and RV Windshield Replacement.

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