Can a Windshield Shatter from Heat?

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As a homeowner, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks and problems with your most valuable property. One question that occasionally comes up is whether or not a windshield can shatter from heat. In this blog post, we’ll explore the answer to that question and provide tips on protecting your windshield from damage – so you can avoid premature windshield replacement in Calgary’s summers.

How Heat Can Damage Windows

Heat can damage your windows, and this is particularly true for windshields. The glass in a windshield has a high-temperature resistant design, but if the car is parked in the sun with the windows closed, the interior can become extremely hot. This factor can cause the glass to break or crack due to air pressure differences or a warping window frame.

To avoid damaging your windows, make sure you park in the shade whenever possible, and never leave your car parked in excessive heat, and direct sunlight with the windows closed all the way. If you have to leave your car parked in the sun, open some of the windows a crack to allow air to circulate.

A damaged sunroof on a red car.
Damaged glass roof window or sunroof on the red car glued with duct tape to prevent water to come in the interior of the vehicle

Heat Damage to Sunroofs

Heat exposure can cause the sealant around the panes of sunroofs in a window to deteriorate, leading to air and water infiltration. Over time, this can lead to the formation of mould and mildew and even structural damage to the window frame. With a crumbling foundation, your sunroof might just cave in.

In addition, extreme heat can cause the glass itself to become brittle and shatter. It’s particularly true for older sunroofs that have not been treated with a thermal break or low-emissivity coating. If you keep your car in open-air parking lots often during Calgary’s summer months, it’s critical to take steps to protect your windows from heat damage – or you risk a premature sunroof replacement, as with your windshield.

One of the most common issues with cars is a broken windshield. But what many people don’t know is that a broken windshield can be caused by something as simple as heat! No one ever expects their car windows to spontaneously shatter, but it can happen. Try to keep your windshield and sunroof covered, or you might be risking it.

When your windshield becomes unexpectedly damaged, Super Auto Glass is here to assist! We are nestled in our beloved community of Calgary where we specialize in all things windshield repair, including windshield replacement, mobile windshield replacement, RV windshield replacement, and sunroof repair and replacement. With our distinct knack for repairing vehicles with efficiency and professionalism for the past ten years, Super Auto Glass is Calgary’s most trusted source for automotive repair.

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