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We'll Handle Your Auto Glass Needs: Windshield Replacement in Calgary

Your windshield plays a crucial role in keeping you safe when you’re driving. It may be aesthetically unpleasing to drive around with a chipped or cracked windshield but it’s also a ticketable offense. The severity of the damage can also compromise the safety of your windshield. To help keep you safe and compliant with the law, Super Auto Glass is here for you. With our auto glass repairs and windshield replacement in Calgary, we’re able to provide prompt service with the best prices in the city. Our services are mobile, so you won’t have to drop your vehicle off and wait. We’ll come to your location to complete any repairs.

Professional Windshield Replacement in Calgary

Using our mobile windshield replacement service in Calgary has never been easier. If you have a large crack, chip or other damage to your windshield, we’ll come directly to your location to complete the replacement. Our professional replacement services are safe and thorough, so you can be assured your car is in good hands. We replace windshields using the following process:

1. Vehicle Inspection 

We’ll start by inspecting your vehicle, focusing on taking a closer look at the area around the glass. We’ll be looking for any damaged areas that you should be aware of, allowing you to make plans to repair this issues now or schedule it for later. Oftentimes, problems like rust and other damage are best dealt with while the glass is out.

2. Disassemble

Next we’ll start removing trims, moldings and windshield cowl pieces. This will allow us access to the adhesive or urethane that is holding your windshield in.

3. Cut Urethane

Using our specialty tools, we will begin cutting the urethane adhesive that is holding your windshield in. This job is usually performed by a team of two or more so that it is done safely and correctly.

4. Remove Windshield

Once the urethane is cut, our team will carefully remove the old windshield and safely dispose of it. Our windshield technicians wear special clothing with no metal or other materials that could scratch the surface of your car, ensuring it stays protected.

5. Preparation

To prepare the vehicle for its new windshield, the remaining old urethane is carefully peeled back and removed using razors. All debris and dust is removed using compressed air to ensure nothing will interfere with the new urethane boding.

6. Urethane Application

Once the area is prepared, a skilled installer will apply advanced polyurethane adhesive onto the surface. Quality urethane allows for replacement times of about one hour.

7. Installation

Before this step, the new windshield will have already been prepared for installation by using specialty products that allow the glass to be properly bonded to. Once done, the new windshield will be placed on the vehicle.

8. Reassemble & Clean

After the windshield is securely in place, all trims, clips, cowls and covers are returned to their original positions and the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Windshield & Auto Glass Replacements for All Vehicles

Our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction also means that you can expect superior workmanship and friendly service every time. Whether your vehicle or RV needs fixing, we can provide auto glass repairs and replacements for:

To see how convenient auto glass repairs can be, call Super Auto Glass to receive an instant quote today. We’re pleased to provide mobile services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Windshield Chip Repair

Don’t let a chip in your windshield potentially turn into a more costly repair. To prevent your chip from spreading into a larger crack, we offer same day services for rock chip repairs. No appointments are necessary and we offer the following pricing for:

Rock Chip Repair

First rock chip repairs – $30.00

Additional repairs – $20.00