5 Tips for Replacing Your Windshield After an Act of Vandalism

Inside of the car with windshield that was broken in car accident where the walker is injured. Car is on the road. Photo taken with wide lens
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Acts of vandalism can happen at anytime, to anyone. If you walk out to find your car broken into, stay calm and follow these tips for windshield replacement in Calgary.

The 5 Steps To Replace Your Windshield

  1. Take Photos and File a Police Report
    Call the police before you touch anything and find out how to file a police report. Often, you can complete this task online. Take some pictures of the damage, and note what, if anything, was stolen.
  2. Remove the Glass and Seek Calgary Windshield Repair
    Most acts of vandalism involve broken glass, so take care as you secure the vehicle. Remember that driving with a broken window isn’t safe, so seek windshield repair in Calgary as soon as possible. Some companies provide mobile windshield replacement in Calgary so you don’t have to drive with damaged glass. If that’s not an option, put on the thickest gloves possible and eye protection while you carefully remove the largest pieces of glass. Leave the small pieces and anything remaining on the rubber or window for the professionals to handle during the windshield repair.
  3. Cover the Window before Calgary Windshield Replacement
    Use a thick piece of clear plastic to cover the broken window while you seek windshield repair. Cut the plastic to size and attach it using an adhesive tape that won’t harm the paint, making sure to completely cover the window so there aren’t air holes.
  4. Set Up an Appointment for Windshield Repair
    Schedule an appointment for windshield replacement in Calgary as soon as you can. Avoid driving the car in the meantime, except to move it to a safe location and then to the repair shop.

File an Insurance Claim
You may need to file separate insurance claims for vehicle damage, which usually falls under car insurance, and for anything stolen, which may fall under homeowner’s insurance.

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