Happy Holidays From Super Auto Glass!

Happy Holidays From Super Auto Glass
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Wishing a festive Happy Holidays/New Year to all our customers both returning and new in 2022!

It was truly a great year for us here at Super Auto Glass, and we thank you for all of your support this year. Our staff continues to stay motivated providing you with exceptional service when it comes to your windshield repair or replacement.

While the holiday season is a time to go see your family and friends, unfortunately, it is also the time of year when Calgary experiences some of the poorest driving conditions due to weather. So we’re to here make sure you are prepared!

Having a Strong and Safe Windshield During the Holidays

So you could be having issues with a chip or damage to your windshield, but want to wait until the holidays are over before getting them repaired?

We strongly suggest allowing us to book you in for a windshield inspection and repair before you venture out to these treacherous roads. Keep in mind the extreme cold weather in Calgary during December/January, as it can cause stress on your windshield, causing it to crack.

While DIY options are available (see our article on the pros and cons of DIY Windshield Chip Repair), we suggest allowing our team of experts to get your windshield back to its tip-top shape before the holiday craze.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Why Us?

Super Auto Glass thrives in providing you with the best service when it comes to:

  • Small cracks caused by pebbles, or flying debris
  • Smashed side windows from theft
  • Full inspection, as well as total windshield replacements
  • Same-day services, no appointments necessary

Lastly, we provide Mobile Services. So whether you’re in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane to Strathmore, or anywhere in between, we’ll come to you!


Here at Super Auto Glass, we want to ensure you are off to the holidays driving with confidence.

Because the last thing you would want to do in case an accident occurs is have to deal with insurance companies during the holiday break, instead of spending quality time with your loved ones.

Thank you again for choosing us, best wishes, and we’ll be here for you in 2023!

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