How to Prevent Rock Chips in Your Windshield

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As a driver, you try to stay safe on the road, but you can’t control everything that happens. A stray rock hitting your windshield could cause a chip that makes it hard to see. Although you can’t always keep this from happening, there are ways to minimize the risk. Learn how to prevent rock chips in your windshield to protect your vehicle and not need windshield replacement in Calgary

4 Ways To Prevent Rock Chips From Damaging Your Windshield

Avoid Following Large Trucks

Larger trucks and vehicles, particularly those with four back tires, are more likely to pick up rocks and fling them farther creating the need for windshield repair in Calgary. When possible, avoid driving behind such vehicles, especially if the mud flaps are missing or damaged. If you must follow them, leave plenty of distance between your vehicles.

Keep a Safe Distance to Minimize Damage

Leaving space between your car and the vehicle in front of you is important even if it’s just a standard vehicle. The greater the distance, the more likely it is that any rocks picked up by their tires will fall harmlessly to the ground before hitting your windshield. If you’re driving on a gravel road, leave even more space.

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Get a Windshield Protective Film

You can add a layer of protection to your windshield with a clear protective film placed over the glass. This makes the windshield more resistant to damage from rocks. It’s also beneficial if your windshield does get damaged because the film helps hold the glass in place until you get windshield replacement in Calgary.

Deal with Chips Immediately with Calgary Windshield Repair

If you do get a chip from a flying rock, act quickly. A prompt response usually makes windshield repair in Calgary possible. Waiting gives the chip or crack time to grow and may result in the need for windshield replacement in Calgary.

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