When Should I Replace My Windshield?

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With so many elements impacting your car windshield every time you drive it, windshield damage seems unavoidable. Debris, rocks, flying ice, and hail contribute to the damage a windshield will surely endure within its lifetime. As we sift through weather extremes in Canadian cities, having to get windshield repairs and replacements in Calgary is only an inevitability. But when does windshield damage become hazardous enough that it needs to be replaced? 

Find out the various signs that your windshield may need a replacement sooner rather than later. 

The crack is too large

It is often not so clear to someone that their windshield needs to be replaced unless a visible hole has been punctured through the windshield. Of course, there are many signs beforehand that will let you know a windshield replacement should be imminent. One significant sign that your windshield might be beyond repair is if a crack in your windshield is larger than a quarter or longer than one dollar bill. If the cracks on the windshield are sizable, a replacement is probably necessary to maintain your car’s structure and to keep you safe. 

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The depth of a crack

When a crack begins to pierce your windshield’s inner and outer layer, a replacement will be required. If a crack appears only on the outer layer, leaving it too long will expose the plastic layer within the windshield to the natural elements, which will cause it to become more damaged and eventually discoloured. Because of this, it would be advisable to forgo attempting to repair the deep crack and instead get the entire windshield replaced. 

Aging windshield or damages

Because a windshield can withstand only so much before it succumbs to damages, you should pay close attention to the state of your aging windshield. If your windshield is old with excessive wear that is explicit by the visible scratches, pitting, divots, or the damage extends to the edge of the glass, a new windshield should be installed. More so, if your aging windshield has more than three significant points of damage, a windshield replacement should be scheduled in the near future to avoid further erosion.

Poor visibility

Small cracks on the windshield are easy to ignore when you’re on the road, and they shouldn’t impair your ability to drive, causing no reason for immediate alarm. It is only when cracks and damages to the windshield begin to noticeably reduce visibility that you should get a windshield replacement as soon as you can. 

Driving safety

While you may think driving with a cracked windshield isn’t a significant problem, these damages obstruct your visibility, and the windshield will begin to lose the ability to withstand impact from the smallest of objects. Small cracks can also spread, causing more damage than you initially realized. Because of the dangers that can present themselves when you are driving, getting a windshield replacement is oftentimes imperative. 

Before stressing about the cost of windshield repair in Calgary, contact the experts at Super Auto Glass. If you need Calgary windshield replacement or repair, contact us today. [email protected] 587-777-1755


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