How to Protect your Windshield in Winter

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The windshield is one of the most essential components of a car, making maintenance necessary for a car owner who wants to avoid paying for windshield repair. Keeping your windshield intact and maintained can be relatively difficult in the winter, where the windshield is prone to freeze and be blanked in snow. Winter storms are especially harmful to any object that endures the harsh weather, and the windshield often receives the brunt of winter’s weather extremities.

Here are tips to best protect the windshield of your car from winter’s harshest weather.


Most cars come equipped with defrosting systems that will slowly but surely, defrost your car as you sit comfortably inside. Before a storm approaches, you should test to see if yours is working properly as a precaution, as sometimes fans cease to work after years of becoming worn.

Park facing the sun

Another working method, albeit slow, to defrost your windshield is to park your sun toward the sun the night before the temperatures drop into the negatives. If the sun comes out the next morning, the UV rays might melt the frost that has developed on your windshield overnight, hopefully in due time before you go to work!

Windshield covers

Most hardware stores sell covers specially made to be placed over a windshield to protect it from frost and snow overnight. If you don’t want to spend money on such a product, many household items can work just as well. Using bags, sheets, or towels to go over your windshield can also protect it without the added cost. Whatever you use as a windshield cover, it is important to place the wipers over your cover, so they don’t freeze to your windshield.

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Ice scraper

When you are in a rush and waiting for your car to heat up and defrost your windshield is no longer a viable option, you can always resort to your trusty ice scraper. To prevent any windshield chipping, you should purchase an ice scraper with a scratch-free edge for maximum protection.

Keeping your car inside

Keeping your car inside a sheltered vicinity can reduce the amount of frost on your windshield and will keep your car secure. You can also avoid frozen doors and locks, making for entrance into your car during the morning rush. If parking your car in a public or owned garage isn’t an option, you can still park your car in open areas to avoid snow falling off trees and onto your windshield.

Windshield protection

Windshield repairs can be avoided during the winter months when storms can come in abundance with the threat of damaging your vehicle. Removing frost doesn’t have to be such an abhorred hassle when you have the right tools and methods to protect your windshield best.

Before stressing about the cost of windshield repair in Calgary, contact the experts at Super Auto Glass. If you need Calgary windshield replacement or repair, contact us today. [email protected] 587-777-1755

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