How the Right Wipers Can Prevent Windshield Repairs

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You depend on windshield wipers to keep the windshield clear for optimal visibility. Wipers are an essential part of a vehicle and necessary for safe driving; unfortunately, wipers can also damage your windshield if they are worn, dirty, or improperly installed. Here’s how the right wipers can prevent a windshield replacement in Calgary.

How Windshield Wipers Cause Damage Leading to Calgary Windshield Replacement

Wipers are made of metal and rubber. The rubber blades fit closely against the windshield and wipe away water to keep your view clear. Dirty blades can drag fine particles along as they wipe the glass, leaving behind scratches. If left alone, these scratches can deepen with the repetitive motion of the dirty blades eventually resulting in noticeable unevenness that requires windshield repair in Calgary.

It’s even worse if the rubber blades are worn, damaged, or improperly installed. In this case, the metal holders can scrape across the windshield. This creates larger scratches much more quickly. If any of these conditions continue, the damage may become so severe that repairs aren’t feasible, and you’ll need windshield replacement in Calgary.

Signs of Damage from Windshield Wipers

Increased starbursts or glare, distorted vision, and difficulty with depth perception are signs that your wipers are damaging the windshield. If you notice any of these, schedule windshield repairs as soon as possible. Incomplete cleaning and streaking can also indicate wiper damage because water can get trapped in the cracks.

Dealing with Damage with Calgary Windshield Repair

If you think your windshield wipers are damaging the windshield, inspect the wipers. Often, they’ll need to be replaced. Then contact auto glass professionals to determine the appropriate windshield repair in Calgary.

Windshield wipers are crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Choose the right ones and keep them in good condition to avoid unnecessary windshield replacement in Calgary.

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